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Entering an assignment in Webct

  1. First step should be to create an assignments page specifically for the submission of assignments. Click on the "View Designer Map" option in the "Control Panel available to designers. When in this section click the "Assignments" link which is highlighted below.

  2. Now enter the necessary information that you want to appear for the link. Remember, this is only for a page will hold the assignments, this is NOT to enter just an assignment.

  3. Click the "Add" button and you will receive this acknowledgement.

  4. Now click on the link that you just added, and you will see an empty page without any assignments.

  5. Click Designer Options (radio button on black toolbar at top).
  6. Click Add (on RHS frame)
  7. Click Go (underneath "Delete" on RHS frame)
  8. Enter the name of the assignment.

  9. Now you will see that your new assignment box has been added.

  10. Click on the link for the assignment you just created
  11. Choose settings on the right hand side

  12. set all criteria that you want:

    1. the instructions section is a good place to copy the html code for "What to hand in" b/c this will be displayed at the top of the page when a student first clicks on this assignment. It will make it very clear to them what files to submit to webct upon reading this. I typically use this place to set the due dates and late dates at the top too, b/c this is ambiguous when done the way which webct wants you to do it.
    2. set the availability time to "unlimited" b/c if you place the late date into this section (to cut off submissions after the late date), webct places this in the Due Date: section of the homework which isn't right, unless you have no late dates.
  13. Now your page should look something like this.

  14. To import the html source of the actual lab itself, enter the relative path to the source file from the My-Files directory on the local filesystem. So for the file in /My-Files/cs171/labs/lab1/Lab.html, enter in exactly "cs171/labs/lab1/Lab.html", this is how paths are input into webct.

  15. Test the availability of the lab with a test student account. You will not be able to test with a student account if the availability if at a later date, so you may wish to make it available until the settings are done.


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